Used Ames Pneumatic Measurement Air Gauge

Equipment for Sale - Used Ames Pneumatic Measurement
Air Gauge

Used equipment for sale includes lapping machines, ovens, kilns, air gauge, laser, laser power meter, 100mm wafer scriber.
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Ames Pneumatic Measurement Air Gauge

Readout - Model: 122DB
Gauge Head: AF-798-100
Range: 0.100"
Resolution: 0.00001"
Repeatability: 0.00001"

Pneumatic foot pedal actuator
Switchable English/Metric

Ames Air Gauge Small image

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Note: All equipment is being sold in As-Is condition with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied. Buyer is responsible for shipping / pick-up arrangements. All equipment is located in our Shirley, MA facility. Please email us for pricing, more information, or for additional pictures.


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